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Identifier DirectDischarges
Short name DirectDischarges
Dataset WISE SoE - Emissions
Reference URL
Name Direct Discharges
Definition Data on direct discharges to transitional, coastal and marine waters are requested from EEA Member Countries and Marine Conventions on an annual basis.
Methodology for obtaining data Data providers are requested to provide data on yearly direct discharges to transitional, coastal and marine waters.

1. Coverage and reference period

The data should be derived from existing national or regional monitoring programs within each EEA Member Country.

Submit data collected up to the end of the previous year (e.g. in 2017, submit data collected until the end of 2016).

2. Data content

Loads of direct discharges are requested as annual values and should be estimated with details of the type of estimation provided.

All determinands (nutrients, hazardous substances and supportive determinands) are coded using a unique identifier. The estimated annual loads should be expressed in tonnes per year for nutrients and organic load, and in kilograms per year for other pollutants.

3. Spatial reference data

The data reported must be linked to a transitional or coastal water body (as defined by the WFD), using a unique identifier. If the monitoring site or water body is reported under the WFD, then use the WFD identifier as the unique identifier.

4. Reporting format and delivery

Use the reporting templates (MS Excel, XML schemas or MS Access) and these specifications when formatting and collating the data delivery. The templates can be downloaded from the data dictionary.

Data can be delivered in XML files or in MS Excel file format. Please do not use formulas in MS Excel files and do not rename the worksheets or column names. The file name can be renamed.

Delivery can be split into a multiple files if necessary. All the files must, however, be uploaded to the same envelope.

Upload the data files to the Central Data Repository at

If you have any questions about the format and content of the data request please contact WISE-SoE helpdesk, e-mail:


Element name Datatype Element type
* Water body identifier (waterBodyIdentifier) C  (PK) string Quantitative
* Water body identifier scheme (waterBodyIdentifierScheme) C  (PK) string Fixed values
* Reference period (year) (phenomenonTimeReferenceYear) C  (PK) integer Quantitative
* Determinand code (observedPropertyDeterminandCode) C  (PK) string Vocabulary
* Emissions unit of measure (resultEmissionsUom) C string Vocabulary
* Emissions value (resultEmissionsValue) C float Quantitative
Details of discharge estimate (procedureEstimateDetail) C  (PK) string Fixed values
Source of point emissions or of diffuse emissions (parameterEmissionsSourceCategory) C  (PK) string Vocabulary
Observation status flag (resultObservationStatus) C string Fixed values
Remarks (Remarks) C string Quantitative
(an asterisk in front of element name indicates that the element is mandatory in this table)
(the C sign marks a common element)