Allowable values of resultObservationStatus element

Code Label Definition
A Record is confirmed as correct Use this flag to speed up the data checking and processing. E.g. if the extremely high value of concentration is reported, it will be judged as an outlier by the automatic QA system and country will be asked to confirm or correct this value. With this flag described loop is removed. It is not necessary to apply this flag for all valid records. It is intended for confirmation of potential outliers or for other special cases where confirmation is needed or suitable.
L Missing observed value, the data were not collected
M Missing observed value, the data can not exist E.g. a given observed value source does not exist in the spatial unit, so the value can not be reported.
N Missing observed value, observed value is not relevant or not significant
O Missing observed value, no further information is available No further information is available as to the reason why the observed value is missing.
W Missing observed value, data are included in another source category Observed value for given source category is included in another record representing another source category. Use the Remarks field to specify the source category(ies) under which the data is reported. (example for SoE Emissions: It is not possible to distinguish forestry and agricultural emissions. Therefore the record for source category 'NP9 – Diffuse sources - Forestry emissions' has missing value of emissions, observation status flag = 'W' and Remarks = 'NP1', because the forestry emissions are reported together with agricultural emissions in the record having source category 'NP1 – Diffuse sources - Agricultural emissions').
X Reported value includes data from another source category (categories) Reported value for given source category represent the source categories which are specified in the Remarks field. (example for SoE Emissions: Source category = 'NP' and Observation status flag = 'X' and Remarks = "NP1, NP2, NP9').
Y The source category does not exactly match the standard definition The source category includes also sources not belonging to the specific category. Please describe the not available source category (categories) in the Remarks field.
Z Record reported in the past should be deleted Use this flag to identify previously reported record that should be deleted (report the record again). Explanation can be provided in the Remarks field.