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dd1 Datasets namespace
dd2 ISO11179 attributes namespace
dd3 DD attributes namespace
dd4 Marine dataset
dd5 EPER dataset
dd7 Soil dataset
dd8 Groundwater dataset
dd10 Rivers dataset
dd11 CDDA dataset
dd12 SCPA dataset
dd16 BiotaConcentrations table in Marine dataset
dd17 WaterConcentrations table in Marine dataset
dd18 StationCharacteristics table in Marine dataset
dd19 Emission table in EPER dataset
dd20 Facility table in EPER dataset
dd21 AnnexIActivity table in EPER dataset
dd23 Report table in EPER dataset
dd26 AggregatedQDDeterminandFreqDistribution table in Groundwater dataset
dd28 AggregatedQDDeterminandSummaryFreq table in Groundwater dataset
dd29 ReusedBrown-fields table in Soil dataset
dd30 AggregatedQDDeterminandMonitoringFreq table in Groundwater dataset
dd31 Expenditures table in Soil dataset
dd32 IncidencesOfGroundwater table in Soil dataset
dd33 ContaminatedSitesManagement table in Soil dataset
dd34 HazardousSubstances table in Soil dataset
dd35 AggregatedQDDeterminandSamplingSites table in Groundwater dataset
dd36 DisaggregatedQualityData table in Groundwater dataset
dd37 GeneralCharacterisation table in Groundwater dataset
dd38 GroundwaterMonitoringSites table in Groundwater dataset
dd39 GroundwaterBodies table in Groundwater dataset
dd46 Siterelations table in CDDA dataset
dd47 Sites table in CDDA dataset
dd48 Designations table in CDDA dataset
dd49 SedimentConcentrations table in Marine dataset
dd50 StationProxyPressures table in Marine dataset
dd51 RiverineInputLoads table in Marine dataset
dd52 DirectDischarge table in Marine dataset
dd53 Geographical table in SCPA dataset
dd54 Management table in SCPA dataset
dd55 Sector table in SCPA dataset
383 namespaces found, displaying 1 to 40.FirstPrev12345678Last