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Identifier resultEmissionsValue
Short name Emissions value
RegistrationStatus Released 01 October 2019
Reference URL
Name Emissions value
Definition Annual emission of nutrients (tonne/year), organic matter (tonne/year) or hazardous substances (kg/year) from a specific source of emissions, aggregated by spatial unit.
Methodology for obtaining data If the emissions value is not available, not known, not relevant, not significant or if emisisons data are included in another emissions source category, please do not use a zero value, but keep the "Emissions value" field empty and fill the "Observation status flag" field by appropriate code ('O','M','L','N' or 'W'), as described in the codelist for that field.

If the emissions value is filled and the emission source category can be specified more in details, please use the "Observation status flag" codelist options 'X' or 'Y'.

If range of years is used in the field "Reference period", provide average annual value of emissions for specified period.
Datatype float
Minimum inclusive value 0
Public or Internal undefined
Owner (Accountable)
Is language used No
CheckInNo 5

Tables using this common element

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DirectDischarges WISE SoE - Emissions fantamir
Emissions WISE SoE - Emissions fantamir
RiverineInputLoads WISE SoE - Emissions fantamir