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Identifier waterBodyIdentifierScheme
Short name Water body type
RegistrationStatus Released 21 July 2015
Reference URL
Name Water body identifier scheme
Definition Specification of whether the water body is a WFD water body ('euGroundwaterBodyCode' or 'euSurfaceWaterBodyCode') or not ('eionetGroundwaterBodyCode' or 'eionetSurfaceWaterBodyCode').
Methodology for obtaining data This value is required.

If the water body is reported under WFD, use the value 'euGroundwaterBodyCode' or 'euSurfaceWaterBodyCode' for the "waterBodyIdentifierScheme" field.

If the water body is NOT reported under WFD (e.g. non-EU countries reporting under WISE SoE only, or countries providing information about water bodies that are not WFD water bodies), use the value 'eionetGroundwaterBodyCode' or 'eionetSurfaceWaterBodyCode' for the "waterBodyIdentifierScheme" field.

For each identifier scheme, a list of valid "waterBodyIdentifier" values will be kept updated, based on the information reported under the WISE Spatial data flow.
Datatype string
Public or Internal Public attribute
Owner (Accountable)
CheckInNo 7

Allowable values

Code Label Definition
eionetGroundwaterBodyCode Groundwater body identifier is an EIONET...
eionetSurfaceWaterBodyCode Surface water body identifier is an EION...
euGroundwaterBodyCode Groundwater body identifier is a WFD ide...
euSurfaceWaterBodyCode Surface water body identifier is a WFD i...

Tables using this common element

Table Dataset Owner
AggregatedDataByWaterBody WISE SoE - Water Quality Not specified
BiologyEQRDataByWaterBody WISE SoE - Biology Not specified
DirectDischarges WISE SoE - Emissions fantamir
ReservoirData WISE SoE - Water Quantity fantamir