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Identifier ReservoirData
Short name ReservoirData
Dataset WISE SoE - Water Quantity
Reference URL
Name Reservoir Data
Short Description Inflow, outflow and stock volume of artificial or natural reservoirs, by water body.
Definition Mean inflow volume, mean outflow volume and mean stock volume, during each time period, for artificial or natural reservoirs, reported by water body and expressed in million cubic metre.
Methodology for obtaining data Each record in this table must have a unique combination of the values in the fields "waterBodyIdentifier", "waterBodyIdentifierScheme", "observedProperty" and "phenomenonTimePeriod".

The water body is uniquely identified by combination of values in the fields "waterBodyIdentifier" and "waterBodyIdentifierScheme".
The water body identifier should be present in the list of water bodies ( that is kept updated with the data reported under the WISE Spatial Data and/or the WFD 2016 Spatial data flows.

Note that, in the scope of the ReservoirData table, only surface water bodies are expected (even if the generic description of the waterBodyIdentifier common data element also mentions groundwater bodies). Likewise, in the waterBodyIdentifierScheme field, the only expected values are 'euSurfaceWaterBodyCode' or 'eionetSurfaceWaterBodyCode'.


Element name Datatype Element type
* Water body identifier (waterBodyIdentifier) C  (PK) string Quantitative
* Water body identifier scheme (waterBodyIdentifierScheme) C  (PK) string Fixed values
* Parameter (observedProperty)  (PK) string Fixed values
* Time period (phenomenonTimePeriod) C  (PK) string Quantitative
* Observed value (resultObservedValue) float Quantitative
Observation status flag (resultObservationStatus) C string Fixed values
Remarks (Remarks) C string Quantitative
(an asterisk in front of element name indicates that the element is mandatory in this table)
(the C sign marks a common element)