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Identifier SubUnit
Short name SubUnit
Dataset WISE - Spatial data
Reference URL
Name Sub-unit
Short Description Spatial data for river basin district sub-units
Definition River Basin District sub-unit:
Spatial unit created for management, monitoring or reporting purposes, in a river basin district (RBD) larger than 50000 square kilometre. Large RBDs should be divided into comparable sub-units with an area between 5000 and 50000 square kilometre. The sub-units can be created using river basins (if more than one river basin exists in the RBD) or sub-basins, for example. If the RBD area is less then 50000 square kilometre, the RBD itself can be used as a sub-unit.

The area of land from which all surface run-off flows through a series of streams, rivers and, possibly, lakes to a particular point in a water course (normally a lake or a river confluence).
Methodology for obtaining data For non-EU countries and in the absence of officially designated sub-units, sub-basins can be used for EIONET reporting purposes.
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Element name Datatype Element type
* Geometry (geometry) polygon Quantitative
* INSPIRE identifier - local identifier (inspireIdLocalId) C string Quantitative
INSPIRE identifier - namespace (inspireIdNamespace) C string Quantitative
INSPIRE identifier - version identifier (inspireIdVersionId) C string Quantitative
* Thematic identifier - identifier (thematicIdIdentifier)  (PK) reference Vocabulary
* Thematic identifier - identifier scheme (thematicIdIdentifierScheme)  (PK) string Fixed values
Name - english version (nameTextInternational) C string Quantitative
* Name - national version (nameText) C string Quantitative
* Name - language code (nameLanguage) C reference Vocabulary
Version lifespan - begin (beginLifespanVersion) C date Quantitative
Version lifespan - end (endLifespanVersion) C date Quantitative
Predecessors - identifier (predecessorsIdentifier) C string Quantitative
Predecessors - identifier scheme (predecessorsIdentifierScheme) C string Quantitative
Successors - identifier (successorsIdentifier) C string Quantitative
Successors - identifier scheme (successorsIdentifierScheme) C string Quantitative
* WISE evolution type (wiseEvolutionType) C string Fixed values
* Designation period - begin (designationPeriodBegin) C date Quantitative
Designation period - end (designationPeriodEnd) C date Quantitative
* Zone type (zoneType) C reference Vocabulary
* Specialized zone type (specialisedZoneType) C string Vocabulary
* Related zone - identifier (relatedZoneIdentifier) C string Quantitative
* Related zone - identifier scheme (relatedZoneIdentifierScheme) C string Fixed values
Link (link) C string Quantitative
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