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Identifier WaterUse
Short name WaterUse
Dataset WISE SoE - Water Quantity
Reference URL
Name Water Use
Short Description Water use by sector
Definition The data in the WaterUse table provides an overview of the volume of water used on the spatial unit (SU, RBD or country) for different sectors of economic activity or purposes.

Contains information about water use (spatial information, water use by sector).
Methodology for obtaining data The preferred spatial resolution is sub-unit (SU) or river basin district (RBD). Reporting at country level is possible, if higher resolution data is not available, or if the spatial coverage of the higher resolution data is incomplete (e.g. missing data for a given parameter in some RBDs).

The preferred temporal resolution is monthly. Reporting quarterly or annual data is possible, if monthly data is not avaliable (e.g. no monthtly data for a given parameter or a given RBD).

Avaliable data should nevertheless be reported at the highest possible spatial and temporal resolutions.

Volume values must be reported in million cubic metre.

Each record in this table must have a unique combination of the values in the fields "spatialUnitIdentifier", "spatialUnitIdentifierScheme", "observedProperty" and "phenomenonTimePeriod".


Element name Datatype Element type
* Spatial unit identifier (spatialUnitIdentifier) C  (PK) reference Vocabulary
* Spatial unit identifier scheme (spatialUnitIdentifierScheme) C  (PK) string Vocabulary
* Parameter (observedProperty)  (PK) string Fixed values
* Time period (phenomenonTimePeriod) C  (PK) string Quantitative
* Volume (resultObservedVolume) C float Quantitative
Observation status flag (resultObservationStatus) C string Fixed values
Remarks (Remarks) C string Quantitative
(an asterisk in front of element name indicates that the element is mandatory in this table)
(the C sign marks a common element)