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Identifier GroundWaterBody
Short name GroundWaterBody
Dataset WISE - Spatial data
Reference URL
Name Groundwater body
Short Description Spatial data for groundwater bodies
Definition Groundwater body:
'Body of groundwater' means a distinct volume of groundwater within an aquifer or aquifers.

All water which is below the surface of the ground in the saturation zone and in direct contact with the ground or subsoil.

Subsurface layer or layers of rock or other geological strata of sufficient porosity and permeability to allow either a significant flow of groundwater or the abstraction of significant quantities of groundwater.
Methodology for obtaining data For non-EU countries and in the absence of a national reference spatial data set for groundwater bodies, an approximate delineation can be used for EIONET reporting purposes.
For example, the minimum convex polygon of the stations monitoring a given aquifer.

Each groundwater body must be associated with one and only one river basin district (RBD). Note however that parts of the groundwater may overlap adjacent RBDs (because most RBDs are delineated using drainage divides).
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Element name Datatype Element type
* Geometry (geometry) polygon Quantitative
* INSPIRE identifier - local identifier (inspireIdLocalId) C string Quantitative
INSPIRE identifier - namespace (inspireIdNamespace) C string Quantitative
INSPIRE identifier - version identifier (inspireIdVersionId) C string Quantitative
* Thematic identifier - identifier (thematicIdIdentifier)  (PK) reference Vocabulary
* Thematic identifier - identifier scheme (thematicIdIdentifierScheme)  (PK) string Fixed values
Name - english version (nameTextInternational) C string Quantitative
* Name - national version (nameText) C string Quantitative
* Name - language code (nameLanguage) C reference Vocabulary
Version lifespan - begin (beginLifespanVersion) C date Quantitative
Version lifespan - end (endLifespanVersion) C date Quantitative
Predecessors - identifier (predecessorsIdentifier) C string Quantitative
Predecessors - identifier scheme (predecessorsIdentifierScheme) C string Quantitative
Successors - identifier (successorsIdentifier) C string Quantitative
Successors - identifier scheme (successorsIdentifierScheme) C string Quantitative
* WISE evolution type (wiseEvolutionType) C string Fixed values
* Designation period - begin (designationPeriodBegin) C date Quantitative
Designation period - end (designationPeriodEnd) C date Quantitative
* Zone type (zoneType) C reference Vocabulary
* Specialized zone type (specialisedZoneType) C string Vocabulary
* Related zone - identifier (relatedZoneIdentifier) C string Quantitative
* Related zone - identifier scheme (relatedZoneIdentifierScheme) C string Fixed values
Transboundary - identifier (relatedZoneTransboundaryIdentifier) C string Quantitative
Transboundary - identifier scheme (relatedZoneTransboundaryIdentifierScheme) C string Quantitative
* Size - value (sizeValue) C float Quantitative
* Size - unit of measure (sizeUom) C reference Vocabulary
* Horizons (horizons) string Quantitative
Link (link) C string Quantitative
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