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Identifier DisaggregatedData
Short name DisaggregatedData
Dataset WISE SoE - Water Quality ICM
Reference URL
Name Disaggregated data in water, sediment and biota
Short Description Raw disaggregated data on the observed values (e.g. concentrations) of determinands in water, sediment and biota samples.
Definition Raw disaggregated water quality data on the observed values (e.g. concentrations) of determinands in water, sediment and biota samples in inland, coastal and marine waters as reported by EEA Member Countries on an annual basis.
Methodology for obtaining data The monitoring site is uniquely identified by combination of values in the fields "monitoringSiteIdentifier" and "monitoringSiteIdentifierScheme". The monitoring site identifier must be present in the list of monitoring sites (link to the vocabulary) that is kept updated with the data reported under the WISE Spatial Data flow (WISE-5).

Each record in this table must have a unique combination of the values in these fields (no duplicates can exist):
- monitoringSiteIdentifier
- monitoringSiteIdentifierScheme
- observedPropertyDeterminandCode
- procedureAnalysedMatrix
- sampleIdentifier
- phenomenonTimeSamplingDate

In the case of sediment, "parameterSedimentDepthSampled" is also part of the unique combination.
In the case of biota samples, "parameterSpecies" is also part of the unique combination.

The field "parameterSampleDepth" is only applicable to water samples.

The field "parameterSedimentDepthSample" is only requested for sediment data.

The fields "parameterSpecies", "parameterMoisture", "parameterFat", "parameterExtratableLipid" and "parameterLipid" are only requested for biota data.

Select the adequate unit of measure according to the type of the determinand.

If the measured concentration is below the limit of quantification, then report the limit of quantification value in the "Observed Value" field and report 'True' in the boolean "resultQualityObservedValueBelowLOQ" field.

If there is a PlatformCode_SHIPC, provide it under Remarks.


Element name Datatype Element type
* Monitoring site identifier (monitoringSiteIdentifier) C  (PK) string Quantitative
* Monitoring site identifier scheme (monitoringSiteIdentifierScheme) C  (PK) string Fixed values
* Water body category code (parameterWaterBodyCategory) C string Vocabulary
* Determinand code (observedPropertyDeterminandCode) C  (PK) string Vocabulary
* Analysed matrix (procedureAnalysedMatrix) C  (PK) reference Vocabulary
* Unit of measure (resultUom) C reference Vocabulary
* Sampling time (date) (phenomenonTimeSamplingDate) C  (PK) date Quantitative
* Sample identifier (sampleIdentifier) C  (PK) string Quantitative
* Observed value (resultObservedValue) C decimal Quantitative
* Observed value below LOQ (resultQualityObservedValueBelowLOQ) C boolean Fixed values
Limit of quantification (procedureLOQValue) C float Quantitative
Sample depth (parameterSampleDepth) C float Quantitative
Depth of the sediment sample (parameterSedimentDepthSampled) string Quantitative
Species (parameterSpecies) C string Fixed values
Percent Moisture (resultMoisture) float Quantitative
Fat content of the analysed tissue (resultFat) float Quantitative
Extractable Lipid Percent (resultExtractableLipid) float Quantitative
Lipid Weight Percent (resultLipid) float Quantitative
Observation status flag (resultObservationStatus) C string Fixed values
Remarks (Remarks) C string Quantitative
(an asterisk in front of element name indicates that the element is mandatory in this table)
(the C sign marks a common element)