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Identifier resultObservedValue
Short name Value
RegistrationStatus Released 01 December 2015
Reference URL
Name Observed value
Definition Observed value (e.g. concentration) of the determinand in the sample.
Methodology for obtaining data This value is required.

Zero or negative values are not allowed for concentration values.

Exceptions: zero values are allowed for Dissolved oxygen and HCO3

A minimum value of -3 is allowed for seawater temperature only.

If the sample concentration value was below the limit of quantification, enter the limit of quantification value itself into the "resultObservedValue" field and set the value 'true' (or '1') in the "resultQualityObservedValueBelowLOQ" field.
Datatype decimal
Maximum size 9
Decimal precision 6
Minimum inclusive value -3
Public or Internal Public attribute
Owner (Accountable)
Reporting obligation
Is language used No
CheckInNo 10

Tables using this common element

Table Dataset Owner
DisaggregatedData WISE SoE - Water Quality Not specified