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Name Designation Types
Keywords Biodiversity, Conservation, Designation
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The Designation types registry is used by Nationally designation areas (CDDA) reporting. The designation types are also a reference for Natura 2000 and Emerald reporting.
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Designation types classify designations by certain common characteristics, such as statutory status, purpose of the protected area, conservation objectives and the related restrictions of use or management measures.

The designation type code list is a sequential list with definitions from the sub-national, national, regional or international level.

The national designation type codes are used in the Nationally designated areas (CDDA) reporting, in the Natura 2000 Standard Data Form and in the Emerald Standard Data Form.

The regional and international designation type codes are related to regional or international legislation such as Natura 2000, Bern Convention, Barcelona Convention or World Heritage Sites or Ramsar sites.

The national designation type codes are maintained by the countries. The national designation type code consists of:

- two-letter country or region code, as defined by the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 standard, except for Greece and United Kingdom where Eurostat country codes are used instead ('EL' and 'UK' respectively)
- 2 numerical values starting with '00', indicating designation type "No protection status", and ending with '99', indicating "Others".

The designation type codes are maintained by the countries (the respective Eionet NRCs). The designation type code consists of ISO2 character country code + 2 numbers starting with '00' (indicating designation type "No protection status" and ending with '99' indicating "Others")

A new code is to be given by countries in case another designation type, than those already provided, is to be added to the list.

The regional or international designation type codes are decided by the custodian of the international legislation in question, the EEA and its ETC/BD. International designation types will have the prefix 'INT' instead of the two-letter country or region code.

Only the national designation type codes are subject of this data definitions.

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