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Identifier DesignationType
Short name DesignationType
Dataset DesignationTypes
Reference URL
Name Designation Type
Short Description TBA
Definition TBA
Methodology for obtaining data TBA


Element name Datatype Element type
Country code (cddaCountryCode) C reference Vocabulary
Region code (cddaRegionCode) C reference Vocabulary
* Designation type code (designationTypeCode)  (PK) string Quantitative
* Designation type category (designationTypeCategory) reference Vocabulary
* Designation type name (designationTypeName) string Quantitative
* Designation type name in English (designationTypeNameEnglish) string Quantitative
* Creating sites (creatingSites) boolean Fixed values
Legal reference name (legalReferenceName) string Quantitative
Legal reference publication date (legalReferencePublicationDate) string Quantitative
Legal reference link (legalReferenceLink) string Quantitative
Legal reference level (legalReferenceLevel) string Fixed values +
Legal reference official journal identification (legalReferenceOfficialJournalIdentification) string Quantitative
Competent authority organisation name (competentAuthorityOrganisationName) string Quantitative
Competent authority website (competentAuthorityWebsite) string Quantitative
Remark (remark) string Quantitative
Remark source (remarkSource) string Quantitative
* Designation period begin (designationPeriodBegin) integer Quantitative
Designation period end (designationPeriodEnd) integer Quantitative
Creation time (creationTime) dateTime Quantitative
(an asterisk in front of element name indicates that the element is mandatory in this table)
(the C sign marks a common element)
(the + sign right after the "Fixed values" link marks an element that can have multiple values)