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Identifier DesignationTypes
Short name DesignationTypes
Registration status Released 06 December 2019
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Name Designation Types
Keywords Designation, Conservation, Biodiversity
Short Description National designation types of designated areas describe which instruments (legal or other) that directly or indirectly create the designated areas (often but not always equivalent to protected areas).
Definition An inventory of the legal or other effective means used to achieve the long-term conservation of nature with associated ecosystem services and cultural values.

A designation type may have a statutory or voluntary status and may provide information about e.g. conservation objectives, management measures or restrictions.

European countries designate protected areas under sub-national, national legislation, EU legislation as well as international conventions.

The Designation types registry is used for validation when reporting to the Natura 2000, the Emerald, and the Nationally designation areas (CDDA) data flows.
Methodology for obtaining data The designation types are classified according to three categories:

Category A: Designation types used with the intention to protect fauna, flora, habitats and landscapes (the latter as far as relevant for fauna, flora and for habitat protection);

Category B: Statutes under sectorial, particularly forestry, legislative and administrative acts providing an adequate protection relevant for fauna, flora and habitat conservation;

Category C: Private statute providing durable protection for fauna, flora or habitats.

The national designation type are maintained by the countries. The complete list of designation types should be verified and corrected yearly or when appropriate, according to the actual situation in the country.

The national designation type code consists of:
- two-letter country or region code
- two numerical values starting with '00', indicating "No protection status", and ending with '99', indicating "Others".

The international designation types are related to international legislation such as Birds Directive, Habitats Directive, Bern Convention, Barcelona Convention, World Heritage Sites, etc.

The international designation type codes are decided by the EEA and its ETC/BD. International designation types will have the prefix 'INT' instead of the two-letter country or region code.

Only the national designation type codes are subject of the data definitions in Data Dictionary.

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Version January 2019
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