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Identifier national_overview
Short name National overview
Dataset CDDA
Reference URL
Name National overview of area protected
Definition National indicators for amount of national territory that is protected.
Methodology for obtaining data EEA is particularly interested in national calculations of marine and terrestrial territory area protected under Category A designations. It is sufficient to aggregate as “Other” all areas that are protected by national designations which are not covered by Category A.

NOTE: the totals should only count a protected area once even if it is protected under more than one national designation types.


Element name Datatype Element type
* Parent ISO code (PARENT_ISO) C string Fixed values
* ISO 3 character code (ISO3) C string Fixed values
* National designation type category (Category) string Fixed values
* Major ecosystem (Major_ecosystem) string Fixed values
* Total area (Total_Area) decimal Quantitative
* reference year (Reference_year) string Quantitative
Publication title (Publication_title) string Quantitative
Publication url (Publication_url) string Quantitative
* Methodology type (Methodology_type) string Fixed values
Methodology reference title (Methodology_reference_title) string Quantitative
Methodology reference url (Methodology_reference_url) string Quantitative
Remark (Remark) string Quantitative
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