Data Dictionary - functions, services and users

The Data Dictionary is used to support the delivery of environmental data by countries to Reportnet. The contents in the data dictionary are used to generate pdfs of the technical specifications for dataflows as well as Excel templates. The Data Dictionary also introduces the possibility of simple automated validation of deliveries by countries and facilitates the development of data submission interfaces.

Data Dictionary holds definitions of datasets, tables and data elements. Each of these three levels is defined by a set of attributes, the core set of which corresponds to ISO 11179 standard for describing data elements. The whole attribute set is flexible and attributes can be added / removed from/to the system.

The Data Dictionary provides:

Reporting obligations are usually long-lasting. The definitions found in the Data Dictionary, therefore, are relatively stable, but are updated prior to a new dataflow collection.

The users of the Data Dictionary are data reporters and data definers as well as dataflow administrators.