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Identifier ISO3
Short name ISO3
RegistrationStatus Released 11 January 2013
Reference URL
Name ISO 3 character code
Definition The ISO 3 character country code is the only valid code for this field
Datatype string
Public or Internal Public attribute
CheckInNo 3

Allowable values

Code Label Definition
ABW Parent_ISO: ABW Aruba
AFG Parent_ISO: AFG Afghanistan
AGO Parent_ISO: AGO Angola
AIA Parent_ISO: GBR Anguilla
ALA Parent_ISO: FIN Åland Islands
ALB Parent_ISO: ALB Albania
AND Parent_ISO: AND Andorra
ARE Parent_ISO: ARE United Arab Emirates
ARG Parent_ISO: ARG Argentina
ARM Parent_ISO: ARM Armenia
ASM Parent_ISO: USA American Samoa
ATA Parent_ISO: ATA Antarctica
ATF Parent_ISO: FRA French Southern Territories
ATG Parent_ISO: ATG Antigua and Barbuda
AUS Parent_ISO: AUS Australia
AUT Parent_ISO: AUT Austria
AZE Parent_ISO: AZE Azerbaijan
BDI Parent_ISO: BDI Burundi
BEL Parent_ISO: BEL Belgium
BEN Parent_ISO: BEN Benin
BES Parent_ISO: NLD Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba
BFA Parent_ISO: BFA Burkina Faso
BGD Parent_ISO: BGD Bangladesh
BGR Parent_ISO: BGR Bulgaria
BHR Parent_ISO: BHR Bahrain
BHS Parent_ISO: BHS Bahamas
BIH Parent_ISO: BIH Bosnia and Herzegovina
BLM Parent_ISO: FRA Saint Barthélemy
BLR Parent_ISO: BLR Belarus
BLZ Parent_ISO: BLZ Belize
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Tables using this common element

Table Dataset Owner
Designation boundaries CDDA roekama
Designations CDDA roekama
National overview CDDA roekama
Site boundaries CDDA roekama
Sites CDDA roekama

Other versions

Element number Status Release date
74464 Released 06 November 2014 [view]