Allowable values of ISO3 element

Code Label Definition
ABW Parent_ISO: ABW Aruba
AFG Parent_ISO: AFG Afghanistan
AGO Parent_ISO: AGO Angola
AIA Parent_ISO: GBR Anguilla
ALA Parent_ISO: FIN Åland Islands
ALB Parent_ISO: ALB Albania
AND Parent_ISO: AND Andorra
ARE Parent_ISO: ARE United Arab Emirates
ARG Parent_ISO: ARG Argentina
ARM Parent_ISO: ARM Armenia
ASM Parent_ISO: USA American Samoa
ATA Parent_ISO: ATA Antarctica
ATF Parent_ISO: FRA French Southern Territories
ATG Parent_ISO: ATG Antigua and Barbuda
AUS Parent_ISO: AUS Australia
AUT Parent_ISO: AUT Austria
AZE Parent_ISO: AZE Azerbaijan
BDI Parent_ISO: BDI Burundi
BEL Parent_ISO: BEL Belgium
BEN Parent_ISO: BEN Benin
BES Parent_ISO: NLD Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba
BFA Parent_ISO: BFA Burkina Faso
BGD Parent_ISO: BGD Bangladesh
BGR Parent_ISO: BGR Bulgaria
BHR Parent_ISO: BHR Bahrain
BHS Parent_ISO: BHS Bahamas
BIH Parent_ISO: BIH Bosnia and Herzegovina
BLM Parent_ISO: FRA Saint Barthélemy
BLR Parent_ISO: BLR Belarus
BLZ Parent_ISO: BLZ Belize
BMU Parent_ISO: GBR Bermuda
BOL Parent_ISO: BOL Bolivia
BRA Parent_ISO: BRA Brazil
BRB Parent_ISO: BRB Barbados
BRN Parent_ISO: BRN Brunei Darussalam
BTN Parent_ISO: BTN Bhutan
BVT Parent_ISO: NOR Bouvet Island
BWA Parent_ISO: BWA Botswana
CAF Parent_ISO: CAF Central African Republic
CAN Parent_ISO: CAN Canada
CCK Parent_ISO: AUS Cocos (Keeling) Islands
CHE Parent_ISO: CHE Switzerland
CHL Parent_ISO: CHL Chile
CHN Parent_ISO: CHN China
CIV Parent_ISO: CIV Côte d'Ivoire
CMR Parent_ISO: CMR Cameroon
COD Parent_ISO: COD Democratic Republic of the Congo
COG Parent_ISO: COG Congo
COK Parent_ISO: COK Cook Islands
COL Parent_ISO: COL Colombia
COM Parent_ISO: COM Comoros
CPV Parent_ISO: CPV Cape Verde
CRI Parent_ISO: CRI Costa Rica
CUB Parent_ISO: CUB Cuba
CUW Parent_ISO: NLD Curaçao
CXR Parent_ISO: AUS Christmas Island
CYM Parent_ISO: GBR Cayman Islands
CYP Parent_ISO: CYP Cyprus
CZE Parent_ISO: CZE Czech Republic
DEU Parent_ISO: DEU Germany
DJI Parent_ISO: DJI Djibouti
DMA Parent_ISO: DMA Dominica
DNK Parent_ISO: DNK Denmark
DOM Parent_ISO: DOM Dominican Republic
DZA Parent_ISO: DZA Algeria
ECU Parent_ISO: ECU Ecuador
EGY Parent_ISO: EGY Egypt
ERI Parent_ISO: ERI Eritrea
ESH Parent_ISO: Western Sahara
ESP Parent_ISO: ESP Spain
EST Parent_ISO: EST Estonia
ETH Parent_ISO: ETH Ethiopia
FIN Parent_ISO: FIN Finland
FJI Parent_ISO: FJI Fiji
FLK Parent_ISO: GBR Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
FRA Parent_ISO: FRA France
FRO Parent_ISO: DNK Faroe Islands
FSM Parent_ISO: FSM Micronesia (Federated States of)
GAB Parent_ISO: GAB Gabon
GBR Parent_ISO: GBR United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
GEO Parent_ISO: GEO Georgia
GGY Parent_ISO: GBR Guernsey
GHA Parent_ISO: GHA Ghana
GIB Parent_ISO: GBR Gibraltar
GIN Parent_ISO: GIN Guinea
GLP Parent_ISO: FRA Guadeloupe
GMB Parent_ISO: GMB Gambia
GNB Parent_ISO: GNB Guinea-Bissau
GNQ Parent_ISO: GNQ Equatorial Guinea
GRC Parent_ISO: GRC Greece
GRD Parent_ISO: GRD Grenada
GRL Parent_ISO: DNK Greenland
GTM Parent_ISO: GTM Guatemala
GUF Parent_ISO: FRA French Guiana
GUM Parent_ISO: USA Guam
GUY Parent_ISO: GUY Guyana
HKG Parent_ISO: CHN Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China
HMD Parent_ISO: AUS Heard Island and McDonald Islands
HND Parent_ISO: HND Honduras
HRV Parent_ISO: HRV Croatia
HTI Parent_ISO: HTI Haiti
HUN Parent_ISO: HUN Hungary
IDN Parent_ISO: IDN Indonesia
IMN Parent_ISO: GBR Isle of Man
IND Parent_ISO: IND India
IOT Parent_ISO: GBR British Indian Ocean Territory
IRL Parent_ISO: IRL Ireland
IRN Parent_ISO: IRN Iran (Islamic Republic of)
IRQ Parent_ISO: IRQ Iraq
ISL Parent_ISO: ISL Iceland
ISR Parent_ISO: ISR Israel
ITA Parent_ISO: ITA Italy
JAM Parent_ISO: JAM Jamaica
JEY Parent_ISO: GBR Jersey
JOR Parent_ISO: JOR Jordan
JPN Parent_ISO: JPN Japan
KAZ Parent_ISO: KAZ Kazakhstan
KEN Parent_ISO: KEN Kenya
KGZ Parent_ISO: KGZ Kyrgyzstan
KHM Parent_ISO: KHM Cambodia
KIR Parent_ISO: KIR Kiribati
KNA Parent_ISO: KNA Saint Kitts and Nevis
KOR Parent_ISO: KOR Republic of Korea
KWT Parent_ISO: KWT Kuwait
LAO Parent_ISO: LAO Lao People's Democratic Republic
LBN Parent_ISO: LBN Lebanon
LBR Parent_ISO: LBR Liberia
LBY Parent_ISO: LBY Libya
LCA Parent_ISO: LCA Saint Lucia
LIE Parent_ISO: LIE Liechtenstein
LKA Parent_ISO: LKA Sri Lanka
LSO Parent_ISO: LSO Lesotho
LTU Parent_ISO: LTU Lithuania
LUX Parent_ISO: LUX Luxembourg
LVA Parent_ISO: LVA Latvia
MAC Parent_ISO: CHN Macao Special Administrative Region of China
MAF Parent_ISO: FRA Saint Martin (French part)
MAR Parent_ISO: MAR Morocco
MCO Parent_ISO: MCO Monaco
MDA Parent_ISO: MDA Moldova, Republic of
MDG Parent_ISO: MDG Madagascar
MDV Parent_ISO: MDV Maldives
MEX Parent_ISO: MEX Mexico
MHL Parent_ISO: MHL Marshall Islands
MKD Parent_ISO: MKD The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
MLI Parent_ISO: MLI Mali
MLT Parent_ISO: MLT Malta
MMR Parent_ISO: MMR Myanmar
MNE Parent_ISO: MNE Montenegro
MNG Parent_ISO: MNG Mongolia
MNP Parent_ISO: MNP Northern Mariana Islands
MOZ Parent_ISO: MOZ Mozambique
MRT Parent_ISO: MRT Mauritania
MSR Parent_ISO: GBR Montserrat
MTQ Parent_ISO: FRA Martinique
MUS Parent_ISO: MUS Mauritius
MWI Parent_ISO: MWI Malawi
MYS Parent_ISO: MYS Malaysia
MYT Parent_ISO: FRA Mayotte
NAM Parent_ISO: NAM Namibia
NCL Parent_ISO: FRA New Caledonia
NER Parent_ISO: NER Niger
NFK Parent_ISO: NFK Norfolk Island
NGA Parent_ISO: NGA Nigeria
NIC Parent_ISO: NIC Nicaragua
NIU Parent_ISO: NIU Niue
NLD Parent_ISO: NLD Netherlands
NOR Parent_ISO: NOR Norway
NPL Parent_ISO: NPL Nepal
NRU Parent_ISO: NRU Nauru
NZL Parent_ISO: NZL New Zealand
OMN Parent_ISO: OMN Oman
PAK Parent_ISO: PAK Pakistan
PAN Parent_ISO: PAN Panama
PCN Parent_ISO: GBR Pitcairn
PER Parent_ISO: PER Peru
PHL Parent_ISO: PHL Philippines
PLW Parent_ISO: PLW Palau
PNG Parent_ISO: PNG Papua New Guinea
POL Parent_ISO: POL Poland
PRI Parent_ISO: PRI Puerto Rico
PRK Parent_ISO: PRK Democratic People's Republic of Korea
PRT Parent_ISO: PRT Portugal
PRY Parent_ISO: PRY Paraguay
PSE Parent_ISO: PSE Occupied Palestinian Territory
PYF Parent_ISO: FRA French Polynesia
QAT Parent_ISO: QAT Qatar
REU Parent_ISO: FRA Réunion
ROU Parent_ISO: ROU Romania
RUS Parent_ISO: RUS Russian Federation
RWA Parent_ISO: RWA Rwanda
SAU Parent_ISO: SAU Saudi Arabia
SCG Parent_ISO: SCG Serbia and Montenegro
SDN Parent_ISO: SDN Sudan
SEN Parent_ISO: SEN Senegal
SGP Parent_ISO: SGP Singapore
SGS Parent_ISO: GBR South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
SHN Parent_ISO: GBR Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
SJM Parent_ISO: NOR Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands
SLB Parent_ISO: SLB Solomon Islands
SLE Parent_ISO: SLE Sierra Leone
SLV Parent_ISO: SLV El Salvador
SMR Parent_ISO: SMR San Marino
SOM Parent_ISO: SOM Somalia
SPM Parent_ISO: FRA Saint Pierre and Miquelon
SRB Parent_ISO: SRB Serbia
SSD Parent_ISO: SSD South Sudan
STP Parent_ISO: STP Sao Tome and Principe
SUR Parent_ISO: SUR Suriname
SVK Parent_ISO: SVK Slovakia
SVN Parent_ISO: SVN Slovenia
SWE Parent_ISO: SWE Sweden
SWZ Parent_ISO: SWZ Swaziland
SXM Parent_ISO: NLD Sint Maarten
SYC Parent_ISO: SYC Seychelles
SYR Parent_ISO: SYR Syrian Arab Republic
TCA Parent_ISO: GBR Turks and Caicos Islands
TCD Parent_ISO: TCD Chad
TGO Parent_ISO: TGO Togo
THA Parent_ISO: THA Thailand
TJK Parent_ISO: TJK Tajikistan
TKL Parent_ISO: NZL Tokelau
TKM Parent_ISO: TKM Turkmenistan
TLS Parent_ISO: TLS Timor-Leste
TON Parent_ISO: TON Tonga
TTO Parent_ISO: TTO Trinidad and Tobago
TUN Parent_ISO: TUN Tunisia
TUR Parent_ISO: TUR Turkey
TUV Parent_ISO: TUV Tuvalu
TWN Parent_ISO: CHN Province of China Taiwan
TZA Parent_ISO: TZA United Republic of Tanzania
UGA Parent_ISO: UGA Uganda
UKR Parent_ISO: UKR Ukraine
UMI Parent_ISO: UMI United States Minor Outlying Islands
URY Parent_ISO: URY Uruguay
USA Parent_ISO: USA United States of America
UZB Parent_ISO: UZB Uzbekistan
VAT Parent_ISO: VAT Holy See (Vatican city state)
VCT Parent_ISO: VCT Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
VEN Parent_ISO: VEN Venezuela
VGB Parent_ISO: GBR British Virgin Islands
VIR Parent_ISO: USA United States Virgin Islands
VNM Parent_ISO: VNM Viet Nam
VUT Parent_ISO: VUT Vanuatu
WLF Parent_ISO: FRA Wallis and Futuna Islands
WSM Parent_ISO: WSM Samoa
XKX Parent_ISO: XKX Kosovo (UNSCR 1244/99)
YEM Parent_ISO: YEM Yemen
ZAF Parent_ISO: ZAF South Africa
ZMB Parent_ISO: ZMB Zambia
ZWE Parent_ISO: ZWE Zimbabwe