Vocabulary: Labour market policy interventions by type of action

Folder eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries)
Identifier lmp_type
Label Labour market policy interventions by type of action
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Registration status Released 18 Jun 2018 15:03:54
Type Common
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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
11_BE50 Partnership for childcare for jobseekers … Valid 24.09.2013 11_BE50
11_BE51 Jobseekers insertion towards the first … Valid 24.09.2013 11_BE51
11_BE54 Pathway to work (FR) Valid 24.09.2013 11_BE54
11_BE54_1 [Component] Pathway to work (FR) - … Valid 24.09.2013 11_BE54_1
11_BE54_2 [Component] Pathway to work (FR) - … Valid 24.09.2013 11_BE54_2
11_BE58 Crèches facilities (WR) Valid 24.09.2013 11_BE58
11_BE60 Restructuring support programme … Valid 24.09.2013 11_BE60
11_BE65 Social Intervention Fund (FR) Valid 24.09.2013 11_BE65
11_BE68 Vocational integration (BCR) Valid 24.09.2013 11_BE68
11_BE77 Vocational guidance (WR) Valid 24.09.2013 11_BE77
11_BE78 Plan for construction of vocational … Valid 24.09.2013 11_BE78
11_BG1 Information services Valid 24.09.2013 11_BG1
11_BG62_1 [Component] Activation of inactive … Valid 24.09.2013 11_BG62_1
11_CY9_4 [Component] Public Employment Services - … Valid 24.09.2013 11_CY9_4
11_CZ1 Employment brokerage Valid 24.09.2013 11_CZ1
11_CZ6 Vocational rehabilitation of persons … Valid 24.09.2013 11_CZ6
11_DE106 Individual re-integraton budget Valid 24.09.2013 11_DE106
11_DE107_1 [Component] Activation and … Valid 24.09.2013 11_DE107_1
11_DE107_3 [Component] Activation and … Valid 24.09.2013 11_DE107_3
11_DE107_5 [Component] Activation and … Valid 24.09.2013 11_DE107_5