Vocabulary: Labour market policy interventions by type of action

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Identifier lmp_type
Label Labour market policy interventions by type of action
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Registration status Released 18 Jun 2018 15:03:54
Type Common
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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
92_HU19 Unemployment aid prior to retirement Valid 24.09.2013 92_HU19
92_IE12 Pre-retirement allowance Valid 24.09.2013 92_IE12
92_IT16 Early retirement Valid 24.09.2013 92_IT16
92_LT23 Pre-pension unemployment benefit Valid 24.09.2013 92_LT23
92_PL36 Pre-retirement benefits Valid 24.09.2013 92_PL36
92_PL37 Pre-retirement allowances Valid 24.09.2013 92_PL37
92_PT41 Early retirement for the elderly … Valid 24.09.2013 92_PT41
92_PT44 Early retirement agreements between … Valid 24.09.2013 92_PT44
92_SE29 Occasional resignation compensation Valid 24.09.2013 92_SE29
92_SK16 Early old-age pension Valid 24.09.2013 92_SK16
9A_AT4_1 [Component] Pension advances - Amounts … Valid 24.03.2015 9A_AT4_1
TOT1_9 Total LMP (categories 1-9) Valid 24.09.2013 TOT1_9
TOT2_7 Total LMP measures (categories 2-7) Valid 24.09.2013 TOT2_7
TOT2_9 Total LMP measures and supports … Valid 24.09.2013 TOT2_9
TOT8_9 Total LMP supports (categories 8-9) Valid 24.09.2013 TOT8_9