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Identifier RiverBasinDistrict
Short name RiverBasinDistrict
Dataset WISE - Spatial data
Reference URL
Name River basin district
Short Description Spatial data for river basin districts
Definition River basin district (RBD):
The area of land and sea, made up of one or more neighbouring river basins together with their associated groundwaters and coastal waters, which is the main unit for management of river basins.

River basin:
The area of land from which all surface run-off flows through a sequence of streams, rivers and, possibly, lakes into the sea at a single river mouth, estuary or delta.

Methodology for obtaining data For non-EU countries and in the absence of officially designated RBDs, river basins can be used for EIONET reporting purposes.
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* Thematic identifier - identifier (thematicIdIdentifier)  (PK) reference Vocabulary
* Thematic identifier - identifier scheme (thematicIdIdentifierScheme)  (PK) string Fixed values
Version lifespan - begin (beginLifespanVersion) C date Quantitative
Version lifespan - end (endLifespanVersion) C date Quantitative
Predecessors - identifier (predecessorsIdentifier) C string Quantitative
Predecessors - identifier scheme (predecessorsIdentifierScheme) C string Quantitative
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Successors - identifier scheme (successorsIdentifierScheme) C string Quantitative
* WISE evolution type (wiseEvolutionType) C string Fixed values
Name - english version (nameTextInternational) C string Quantitative
* Name - national version (nameText) C string Quantitative
* Name - language code (nameLanguage) C reference Vocabulary
* Designation period - begin (designationPeriodBegin) C date Quantitative
Designation period - end (designationPeriodEnd) C date Quantitative
* Zone type (zoneType) C reference Vocabulary
Link (link) C string Quantitative
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