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Identifier NiD_GW_Conc
Short name GW_NO3_Concentrations
Dataset NiD_water
Reference URL
Name NO3 concentrations in groundwater
Short Description NO3 values for each groundwater monitoring station
Definition NO3 concentrations measured in each groundwater monitoring station.
Methodology for obtaining data Data on groundwater monitoring stations are collected for each reporting period (4 year period). For each station the maximum value for NO3 have to be reported. If the same station (at same depth) has been used for monitoring in the previous period, a trend value (average current reporting period - average previous reporting period) can be indicated.
The combination of the elements CountryCode, NationalStationCode and StationType must create a unique record in the table. No duplicate records should exist with this combination.
Please consider the following when compiling your data delivery:
1. Submit data for each sample site (no aggregation of stations).
2. mg/l NO3 is the mandatory measurement unit for all concentration values provided in this table
Filling out the tables:
All elements are required to be filled out unless “optional” or "voluntary" has been indicated or unless the element is not applicable (e.g. if a monitoring station is not used for reporting for WFD, the element EU_CD cannot be filled out.)
If “mandatory” or "required" is indicated, the element shall always be filled in. and after submitting the table in Reportnet, the QA in Reportnet will give an error message if the content of the cell will be empty.


Element name Datatype Element type
* Country Code (CountryCode) C string Fixed values
National station code (ND_NatStatCode) C string Quantitative
Station type (ND_StationType) C string Fixed values
Beginning date (ND_BeginDate) C date Quantitative
End date (ND_EndDate) C date Quantitative
* Number of samples (ND_NoOfSamples) C integer Quantitative
Maximum value (ND_MaxValue) C float Quantitative
Trend Value (ND_TrendValue) C float Quantitative
(an asterisk in front of element name indicates that the element is mandatory in this table)
(the C sign marks a common element)