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NiD Templates Summary tables on water quality.doc icon
Identifier Help NiD
Short name Help NiD_water
Registration status Help Released 25 February 2016
Reference URL Help
Name Help Evaluation of water quality under the Nitrates Directive.
Keywords Help Article V, Eutrophication, Groundwater, NO3, Surface water, Water, water quality
Short Description Help Ground- and surface water sampling points to define waterquality based on nitrate concentrations and other parameters
Definition Help Data on monitoring stations are collected for each reporting period (4 year period). Full details of the data requested on water are presented in this specification by tables and include characteristics on the water monitoring stations, values for the concentrations of NO3 for each station as well as information on the Nitrate Vulnerable Zones.
Methodology for obtaining data Help The data requested for Nitrates Directive should be derived from existing national and/or regional monitoring networks within each Member State.
The combination of the elements CountryCode, NationalStationCode and StationType must be a unique record in the table. No duplicate records should exist with this combination.
Please consider the following when compiling your data delivery:
1. Provide information on the monitoring stations. The station location must represent a point location.
2. Submit NO3 concentrations (measurement unit: mg/l NO3) for groundwater- and surface water monitoring stations sampled during a period of one or more years within the reporting period.
3. Submit information on the trophic state (and eutrophication parameters) for the surface water monitoring stations.
4. Submit data for each sample site (no aggregation of stations).
5. Submit geographical data sets (in shapefile or geodatabase format) for the Nitrate Vulnerable Zones and Potential Vulnerable Zones in order to create and update the NVZ database (hosted by JRC). For GIS guidelines go to .
6. Use the templates (XML schemas or Excel) and these specifications to guide you in formatting and collating your data delivery. All are available for download from the data dictionary.
7. Supply data on monitoring stations in XML or Excel format. In the case of Excel format, xls files (= Excel 1997 - 2003) can be used only. Do not use xlsx files. Ensure commas are not used as decimal separators. Please do not use formulas in Excel template fileds, fill values only.
8. Upload your data files to your nominated repository: the Central Data Repository at

The data required for the evaluation of water quality for Nitrates Directive are the following:

- groundwater sampling points - types: phreatic (unconfined) shallow, phreatic deep, captive (confined) and karstic groundwater.
- surface (fresh) water sampling points - types: rivers and lakes/reservoirs
- transitional, coastal and marine water sampling points - types transitional (=estuarine) water, coastal water and marine water.

- data per station on average annual nitrate concentration (this should be read as one value per year i.e. four values for the whole reporting period)
- data per station on maximum nitrate concentration
- trends per station on average nitrate concentration between the current and previous reporting period.

- data per station on average annual nitrate concentration (this should be read as one value per year/season)
- data per station on the maximum and winter average nitrate concentration
- trends in average nitrate concentration between the current and previous reporting period
- trophic state / eutrophication parameters per station
- trends on trophic state / eutrophication parameters between the current and previous reporting period

General information for Nitrate Vulnerable Zones dataset:

The database on the geographical information of Nitrate Vulnerable Zones is hosted by JRC.
Templates have been developed by JRC based on the recommendations made in the Water Framework Directive (Common Implementation Strategy for the WFD (2000/60/EC); Guidance document n°9 'Implementing the GIS elements of the WFD (EC 2003 ISBN 92-894-5129-7)).

Shapefiles according to the templates are requested for the Nitrate Vulnerable Zones.
The Member States that apply a whole territory approach (according to article 3 §5 of the directive) or the Member States that have not changed NVZ designation in the current reporting period do not have to provide the GIS file.

Planned updating frequency Help 4 years
Version Help February 2012

Data model

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Dataset tables

Full name Short name
List of groundwater monitoring stations GW_MonitoringStations
NO3 average annual concentrations in gro ... GW_NO3_AvgAnnualConcentrations
NO3 concentrations in groundwater GW_NO3_Concentrations
List of surface monitoring stations SW_MonitoringStations
NO3 average annual concentrations in sur ... SW_NO3_AvgAnnualConcentrations
NO3 concentrations in surface water SW_NO3_Concentrations
Eutrophication parameters in surface wat ... SW_Eutrophication_measurements
Trophic state of surface water SW_Eutrophication_state
Designated Nitrate Vulnerable Zones GIS ... NVZ_DES_GIS
Obligation Legal instrument Details
Annex V Nitrates Report Annex V Nitrates Report

Complex attributes

Submit Organisation Help European Commission - DG Environment, Unit B1: Agriculture, Forests and Soil
Responsible Organisation Help ND-DG ENV (EC)
European Commission, Directorate General Environment, Nitrates Directive
ROD Help
Reporting obligation for Annex V Nitrates Report

Other versions

Dataset number Status Release date
2592 Released 07 July 2008 [view]