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Identifier UwwtpAgglos
Short name UwwtpAgglos
Dataset UWWTDArt15
Reference URL
Name UwwtpAgglos
Short Description Connection table combining data on agglomerations and urban waste water treatment plants.
Definition The table links treatment plant/collecting system to individual agglomerations and enables reporting situation where the relation agglomeration:UWWTP is 1:n, m:1 or n:m
Methodology for obtaining data Fields aucAggCode and aucAggName are related to the fields aggCode and aggName in the table Agglomerations. Fields aucUwwCode and aucUwwName are related to the fields uwwCode and uwwName in the table UWWTPs. All active agglomerations reported with non-zero share of total generated load collected in collecting systems must be listed in the table UWWTPAgglo.


Element name Datatype Element type
* repCode (repCode) C string Quantitative
* aucUwwCode (aucUwwCode) string Quantitative
aucUwwName (aucUwwName) string Quantitative
* aucAggCode (aucAggCode) string Quantitative
aucAggName (aucAggName) string Quantitative
aucPercEnteringUWWTP (aucPercEnteringUWWTP) decimal Quantitative
aucMethodPercEnteringUWWTP (aucMethodPercEnteringUWWTP) string Fixed values
aucPercC2T (aucPercC2T) decimal Quantitative
(an asterisk in front of element name indicates that the element is mandatory in this table)
(the C sign marks a common element)