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Identifier DESIG_ABBR
Short name DESIG_ABBR
RegistrationStatus Released 07 November 2014
Reference URL
Name National designation type code
Definition The designation type code list is a sequential list of the relevant nature conservation designation types which have statutory protection with their definition from the national/regional level.

The codes are used in the Natura 2000 Standard Data Form, in the Emerald Standard Data Form and in the CDDA reporting.
Methodology for obtaining data The designation type codes are maintained by the countries (the respective Eionet NRCs). The designation type code consists of ISO2 character country code + 2 numbers starting with ‘00’ (indicating designation type "No protection status" and ending with ‘99’ indicating "Others")

A new code is to be given by countries in case another designation type, than those already provided, is to be added to the list.
Datatype string
Minimum size 0
Maximum size 5
Public or Internal Public attribute
Is language used No
CheckInNo 1

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Table Dataset Owner
Designation boundaries CDDA roekama
Designations CDDA roekama
Sites CDDA roekama