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Identifier CDDA_Dissemination_code
Short name CDDA Dissemination code
RegistrationStatus Released 03 November 2014
Reference URL
Name Dissemination instruction code
Definition Code for instructions to EEA regarding dissemination of geographical data (boundaries or coordinates).
Methodology for obtaining data In Sites table the code gives instruction regarding dissemination of coordinates.

In Designation_boundaries and Site_boundaries the code gives instruction regarding dissemination of GIS boundaries data.
Datatype string
Public or Internal undefined
CheckInNo 1

Allowable values

Code Label Definition
01 Yes, public dissemination by EEA allowed
02 No dissemination, except to UNEP-WCMC fo...
03 No dissemination, only for EEA internal ...

Tables using this common element

Table Dataset Owner
Designation boundaries CDDA roekama
Site boundaries CDDA roekama
Sites CDDA roekama