Vocabulary: Agricultural products

Folder eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries)
Identifier agriprod
Label Agricultural products
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Registration status Released 23 Nov 2023 16:03:18
Type Common

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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
A4121 Lambs Valid 05.12.2014 A4121
A4121H Suckling lambs Valid 22.08.2016 A4121H
A4121P Fattening lambs Valid 22.08.2016 A4121P
A4200 Live goats Valid 05.12.2014 A4200
A4200_ORG Live goats - organic Valid 20.04.2021 A4200_ORG
A4201 Goats, 12 months old or less Valid 05.12.2014 A4201
A4210 Goats, breeding females Valid 05.12.2014 A4210
A4210F Dairy goats Valid 22.08.2016 A4210F
A4210K Goats mated and having already kidded Valid 05.12.2014 A4210K
A4210KA Goats mated for the first time Valid 05.12.2014 A4210KA
A4210KB Goats having already kidded Valid 05.12.2014 A4210KB
A4220 Other goats Valid 05.12.2014 A4220
A5000 Live poultry Valid 05.12.2014 A5000
A5000X5100 Live poultry excluding chicken (species) Valid 25.03.2016 A5000X5100
A5000X5110O_5140 Live poultry excluding laying hens and … Valid 13.02.2017 A5000X5110O_5140
A5000_ORG Live poultry - organic Valid 20.04.2021 A5000_ORG
A5010 Breeding poultry Valid 05.12.2014 A5010
A5100 Chicken (species) Valid 05.12.2014 A5100
A5110 Hens Valid 05.12.2014 A5110
A5110O Laying hens Valid 05.12.2014 A5110O