Vocabulary: Agricultural products

Folder eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries)
Identifier agriprod
Label Agricultural products
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Registration status Released 23 Nov 2023 16:03:18
Type Common

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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
A5211P Chicks of duck (fattening) Valid 05.12.2014 A5211P
A5220 Geese Valid 05.12.2014 A5220
A5221P Chicks of goose (fattening) Valid 05.12.2014 A5221P
A5230 Turkeys Valid 05.12.2014 A5230
A5231P Chicks of turkey (fattening) Valid 05.12.2014 A5231P
A5240 Guinea fowls Valid 05.12.2014 A5240
A5240_5300 Guinea fowls and small poultry … Valid 15.12.2020 A5240_5300
A5241P Chicks of Guinea fowls (fattening) Valid 05.12.2014 A5241P
A5300 Small poultry Valid 05.12.2014 A5300
A5310 Quail Valid 30.01.2023 A5310
A5320 Pheasant Valid 30.01.2023 A5320
A5330 Pigeon Valid 30.01.2023 A5330
A5400 Large sized poultry Valid 21.06.2023 A5400
A5410 Ostrich Valid 15.12.2020 A5410
A5900 Other poultry Valid 30.01.2023 A5900
A6000 Other animals Valid 05.12.2014 A6000
A6010 Fur animals Valid 28.07.2017 A6010
A6100 Rodents Valid 05.12.2014 A6100
A6110 Rabbits Valid 05.12.2014 A6110
A6111 Rabbits, breeding females Valid 05.12.2014 A6111