Vocabulary: Agricultural products

Folder eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries)
Identifier agriprod
Label Agricultural products
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Registration status Released 07 Jun 2021 15:03:10
Type Common

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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
A2210 Female calves, less than 1 year old Valid 05.12.2014 A2210
A2210C Female calves, less than 1 year old, not … Valid 05.12.2014 A2210C
A2220 Heifers, 1 to less than 2 years old Valid 05.12.2014 A2220
A2220B Heifers, 1 year old, for slaughter Valid 05.12.2014 A2220B
A2220C Heifers, 1 year old, not for slaughter Valid 05.12.2014 A2220C
A2230 Heifers, 2 years old or over Valid 05.12.2014 A2230
A2230B Heifers, 2 years old or over, for … Valid 05.12.2014 A2230B
A2230C Heifers, 2 years old or over, not for … Valid 05.12.2014 A2230C
A2230_2300 Female bovine, 2 years old or over … Valid 15.12.2020 A2230_2300
A2230_2330 Female bovine animals, 2 years old or … Valid 05.12.2014 A2230_2330
A2300 Cows Valid 05.12.2014 A2300
A2300F Dairy cows Valid 05.12.2014 A2300F
A2300F_ORG Dairy cows - organic Valid 20.04.2021 A2300F_ORG
A2300G Non dairy cows Valid 05.12.2014 A2300G
A2300G_ORG Non-dairy cows - organic Valid 20.04.2021 A2300G_ORG
A2300H Suckler cows Valid 05.12.2014 A2300H
A2330 Other cows, 2 years old and over Valid 05.12.2014 A2330
A2400 Buffaloes Valid 05.12.2014 A2400
A2410 Breeding female buffaloes Valid 05.12.2014 A2410
A2410_ORG Breeding female buffaloes - organic Valid 20.04.2021 A2410_ORG