Vocabulary: Conservation measures

Folder art12_2018 (Birds directive Art. 12 reporting in year 2018)
Identifier measures
Label Conservation measures
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Registration status Public draft 14 May 2018 15:57:34
Type Common

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
CA01 Prevent conversion of natural and … Valid 14.05.2018 CA01
CA02 Restore small landscape features on … Valid 14.05.2018 CA02
CA03 Maintain existing extensive agricultural … Valid 14.05.2018 CA03
CA04 Reinstate appropriate agricultural … Valid 14.05.2018 CA04
CA05 Adapt mowing, grazing and other … Valid 14.05.2018 CA05
CA06 Stop mowing, grazing and other … Valid 14.05.2018 CA06
CA07 Recreate Annex I agricultural habitats Valid 14.05.2018 CA07
CA08 Adapt soil management practices in … Valid 14.05.2018 CA08
CA09 Manage the use of natural fertilisers … Valid 14.05.2018 CA09
CA10 Reduce/eliminate point pollution to … Valid 14.05.2018 CA10
CA11 Reduce diffuse pollution to surface or … Valid 14.05.2018 CA11
CA12 Reduce/eliminate air pollution from … Valid 14.05.2018 CA12
CA13 Reduce/eliminate marine pollution from … Valid 14.05.2018 CA13
CA14 Reduce/eliminate soil pollution from … Valid 14.05.2018 CA14
CA15 Manage drainage and irrigation … Valid 14.05.2018 CA15
CA16 Other measures related to agricultural … Valid 14.05.2018 CA16
CB01 Prevent conversion of (semi-) natural … Valid 14.05.2018 CB01
CB02 Maintain existing traditional forest … Valid 14.05.2018 CB02
CB03 Reinstate forest management and … Valid 14.05.2018 CB03
CB04 Adapt/manage reforestation and forest … Valid 14.05.2018 CB04

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