Vocabulary: Conservation measures

Folder art12_2018 (Birds directive Art. 12 reporting in year 2018)
Identifier measures
Label Conservation measures
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Registration status Public draft 14 May 2018 15:57:34
Type Common

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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
CH02 Adapt/maintain military activities Valid 14.05.2018 CH02
CH03 Reduce impact of other specific human … Valid 14.05.2018 CH03
CI01 Early detection and rapid eradication of … Valid 14.05.2018 CI01
CI02 Management, control or eradication of … Valid 14.05.2018 CI02
CI03 Management, control or eradication of … Valid 14.05.2018 CI03
CI04 DO NOT USE Management, control or … Valid 14.05.2018 CI04
CI05 Management of problematic native species Valid 14.05.2018 CI05
CI06 Other measures related to problematic … Valid 14.05.2018 CI06
CI07 Controlling and eradicating plant and … Valid 14.05.2018 CI07
CJ01 Reduce impact of mixed source pollution Valid 14.05.2018 CJ01
CJ02 Reduce impact of multi-purpose … Valid 14.05.2018 CJ02
CJ03 Restore habitats impacted by … Valid 14.05.2018 CJ03
CJ04 Other measures related to mixed source … Valid 14.05.2018 CJ04
CL01 Management of habitats (others than … Valid 14.05.2018 CL01
CL02 Minimise/prevent impacts of geological … Valid 14.05.2018 CL02
CL03 Restore habitats following geological … Valid 14.05.2018 CL03
CL04 Other measures related to natural … Valid 14.05.2018 CL04
CN01 Adopt climate change mitigation measures Valid 14.05.2018 CN01
CN02 Implement climate change adaptation … Valid 14.05.2018 CN02
CS01 Reinforce populations of species from … Valid 14.05.2018 CS01

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