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Identifier WFD2016
Registration status Released 04 Nov 2019 10:35:00
Status changed 29 Apr 2016 16:49:24
Name Water Framework Directive 2016
Definition This is the version 6.0.6 for the WFD 2016 reporting

Schemas and documents

File name Name
GML_Common_2016.xsd GML Common 2016
GML_GroundWaterBodyHorizon_2016.xsd GML GroundWaterBodyHorizon 2016
GML_GroundWaterBody_2016.xsd GML GroundWaterBody 2016
GML_MonitoringSite_2016.xsd GML MonitoringSite 2016
GML_ProtectedAreaLine_2016.xsd GML ProtectedAreaLine 2016
GML_ProtectedAreaPoint_2016.xsd GML ProtectedAreaPoint 2016
GML_ProtectedArea_2016.xsd GML ProtectedArea 2016
GML_RiverBasinDistrict_2016.xsd GML RiverBasinDistrict 2016
GML_SubUnit_2016.xsd GML SubUnit 2016
GML_SurfaceWaterBodyCentreline_2016.xsd GML SurfaceWaterBodyCentreline 2016
GML_SurfaceWaterBodyLine_2016.xsd GML SurfaceWaterBodyLine 2016
GML_SurfaceWaterBody_2016.xsd GML SurfaceWaterBody 2016
GWB_2016.xsd Groundwater Bodies Reporting 2016 schema
GWMET_2016.xsd Groundwater Bodies Methodologies Reporting 2016 schema
Monitoring_2016.xsd Monitoring Reporting 2016 schema
RBDSUCA_2016.xsd River Basin Districts, Sub-Units and Competent Authority Reporting 2016 schema
RBMPPoM_2016.xsd RBMP River Basin District Reporting 2016 schema
SWB_2016.xsd Surface Water Bodies Reporting 2016 schema
SWMET_2016.xsd Surface Water Methodologies Reporting 2016 schema
WFDCommon_2016.xsd Common types for WFD Reporting 2016 schema

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