Concept: Data Capture in the primaryObservation vocabulary

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Preferred label Data Capture
Definition The data capture associated with a primary observation. This primary observation parameter is the percentage of the time envelope defined by its start and end time for which a sample or observation has been made or taken. It is essential for sampler based measurements where (i) random measurements operate over the time envelope defined, (ii) where samples are frequently not taken for the complete sampling envelope and (ii) for samples bulked for analysis. In these cases time weight concentrations estimates are calculated using the value domain of the "dc" field. For automatic measurements the value will frequently not be stored in local systems as hourly means derived from <75% dc are discarded. At best the dc rate will be known to >=75% (as a valid hourly mean for example). For automatic measurements return -99 or -999 for the value domain of the "dc" field.
Notation dc
Status Valid
Status Modified 09.06.2014
Accepted Date 09.06.2014
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