Concept: Environnement S.A. SANOA Multigas Longpath Monitoring System in the measurementequipment vocabulary

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Preferred label Environnement S.A. SANOA Multigas Longpath Monitoring System
Definition Environnement S.A. Model SANOA Multigas Longpath Air Quality Monitoring System consisting of a receiver, one or more projectors, interface unit, a user-provided control unit computer running the SANOA VisionAIR software, and associated incidental equipment; configured for measuring SO2, with the temperature control and internal calibration cell options installed, operated with a measurement range of 0 to 0.5 ppm, over an installed monitoring path length of between 27 and 500 meters, within an ambient air temperature range of -30 to +45°C,with a measurement (integrating) time of 180 seconds, and with or without external temperature and barometric pressure sensors or any of the following options: external (meteo) input connection, series 1M bus connection, OGR type projector, analog outputs.
Notation enviroSANOA
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Status Modified 02.12.2022
Accepted Date 02.12.2022
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  • Definition from US EPA
Measures AQ pollutant