Concept: Environnement S.A. Model CO11M CO Analyzer in the measurementequipment vocabulary

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Preferred label Environnement S.A. Model CO11M CO Analyzer
Definition Environnement S.A. Model CO11M Ambient Carbon Monoxide Analyzer operated on a full scale range of 0 - 50 ppm, at any temperature in the range of 15 °C to 35°C, with a 5-micron PTFE sample particulate filter, with the following software settings:Automatic response time ON; Minimum response time set to 40 seconds (RT 13); Automatic ZERO-REF cycle programmed every 24 hours; and with or without any of the following options: RS232-422 Serial Interface; Internal Printer
Notation enviroCO11M
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Status Modified 06.08.2013
Accepted Date 06.08.2013
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  • Definition from US EPA
Measures AQ pollutant