Concept: Andersen/GMW Model FH621-N Beta Monitor in the measurementequipment vocabulary

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Preferred label Andersen/GMW Model FH621-N Beta Monitor
Definition Andersen Instruments Model FH62I-N PM10 Beta Attenuation Monitor consisting of the following components: FH101 Vacuum Pump Assembly; FH102 Accessory Kit; FH107 Roof Flange Kit; FH125 Zero and Span PM 10 Mass Foil Calibration Kit; FH62I Beta Attenuation 19-inch Control Module; SA246b PM10Inlet (16.7 liter/min) or the louvered inlet specified in 40 CFR 50 Appendix L, Figs. L-2 thru L-19; operated for 24-hour average measurements, with an observing time of 60 minutes, the calibration factor set to 2400, a glass fiber filter tape, an automatic filter advance after each 24-hour sample period, and with or without either of the following options: FH0P1 Indoor Cabinet; FH0P2 Outdoor Shelter Assembly
Notation andersenFH621N
Status Deprecated - superseded
Status Modified 06.08.2013
Accepted Date 06.08.2013
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  • Definition from US EPA
Measures AQ pollutant