Concept: Teledyne API T200U chemiluminescent NOx analyser in the measurementequipment vocabulary

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Preferred label Teledyne API T200U chemiluminescent NOx analyser
Definition The Model T200U Trace-level NO/NO2/NOx analyzer has been developed specifically to address the challenges of low level monitoring as required, for example, in the US NCore network. It uses the proven chemiluminescence principle and is designed to allow ultra-sensitive measurements with a lower detectable limit of 50 ppt while still meeting the requirements for use as a US EPA compliance analyzer. The Model T200U combines a gold plated reaction cell with an enhanced performance pump, special low noise photomultiplier tube, and unique signal conditioning to provide exceptional sensitivity. In addition, a pre-reactor separates the NO-O3 reaction from background chemiluminescence to allow accurate auto-zero of the analyzer. All T Series instruments offer an advanced color display, capacitive touch screen, intuitive user interface, flexible I/O, and built-in data acquisition capability. All instrument set up, control and access to stored data and diagnostic information is available through the front panel, or via RS232, Ethernet, or USB com ports, either locally or by remote connection. The Model T200U comes NumaView™ Software. NumaView™ Remote PC Software allows for a remote connection with virtual interface and data downloading capability to analyzers operating NumaView™ Software.
Notation APIT200U
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Status Modified 20.07.2018
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Measures AQ pollutant