Vocabulary: Concentration units

Folder uom (Units of Measurement)
Identifier concentration
Label Concentration units
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24 Sep 2013

Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
ppmv Parts per million by volume Valid 06.11.2014 ppmv
pptv Parts per trillion per volume Valid 06.11.2014 pptv
uS.cm-1 Micro Siemens per centimeter Valid 06.11.2014 uS/cm
ueH.l-1 micromoles per litre Valid 06.11.2014 ue H/l
ug.l-1 Micrograms per litre Valid 06.11.2014 µg/l
ug.m-2.day-1 Micrograms per square metre per day Valid 01.08.2013 ug/m2/day
ug.m-3 Micrograms per cubic meter Valid 01.08.2013 µg/m3
ug.m-3.day Micrograms per cubic metre per day Valid 03.06.2014 ug/m3·day
ug.m-3.h Micrograms per cubic metre per hour Valid 19.05.2014 ug/m3·h
ugC.m-3 Micrograms of carbon per cubic metre Valid 06.11.2014 µg C/m3
ugN.m-3 Micrograms of nitrogen per cubic metre Valid 06.11.2014 µg N/m3
ugNO2.m-3 Units of mass concentration of nitrogen … Valid 08.09.2014 ugNO2/m3
ugS.m-3 Micrograms of sulphur per cubic metre Valid 06.11.2014 µg S/m3
ugSO2.m-3 Micrograms of sulphur dioxide per cubic … Valid 06.11.2014 µg SO2/m3