Vocabulary: Reporting level value

Folder noise (Environmental Noise - END)
Identifier ReportingLevelValue
Label Reporting level value
Base URI http://dd.eionet.europa.eu/vocabulary/noise/ReportingLevelValue/
Registration status Public draft 09 Feb 2021 21:07:19
Type Common
  • Level of territorial units for reporting exposure values. This code list includes the reporting level at which exposure values due to major roads or major railways will be reported. For example: at country level, at NUTS level (NUTS 1, NUTS 2 and NUTS 3) or at LAU level. The code list value country could also refer to reporting region in the case the reporting is organised per regions.

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
LAU LAU level Valid 01.02.2021 LAU
NUTS1 NUTS1 level Valid 01.02.2021 NUTS1
NUTS2 NUTS2 level Valid 01.02.2021 NUTS2
NUTS3 NUTS3 level Valid 01.02.2021 NUTS3
country Country level Valid 01.02.2021 country