Vocabulary: Columns

Folder eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries)
Identifier t_cols
Label Columns
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Registration status Released 04 Jan 2012 15:03:54
Type Common
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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
CPA_CA10 Coal and lignite; peat Valid 04.01.2012 CPA_CA10
CPA_CA11 Crude petroleum and natural gas; … Valid 04.01.2012 CPA_CA11
CPA_CA12 Uranium and thorium ores Valid 04.01.2012 CPA_CA12
CPA_CB Metal ores and other mining and … Valid 04.01.2012 CPA_CB
CPA_CB13 Metal ores Valid 04.01.2012 CPA_CB13
CPA_CB14 Other mining and quarrying products Valid 04.01.2012 CPA_CB14
CPA_D Manufactured products Valid 04.01.2012 CPA_D
CPA_DA Food products, beverages and tobacco Valid 04.01.2012 CPA_DA
CPA_DA15 Food products and beverages Valid 04.01.2012 CPA_DA15
CPA_DA16 Tobacco products Valid 04.01.2012 CPA_DA16
CPA_DB Textiles and textile products Valid 04.01.2012 CPA_DB
CPA_DB17 Textiles Valid 04.01.2012 CPA_DB17
CPA_DB18 Wearing apparel; furs Valid 04.01.2012 CPA_DB18
CPA_DC Leather and leather products Valid 04.01.2012 CPA_DC
CPA_DC19 Leather and leather products Valid 04.01.2012 CPA_DC19
CPA_DD Wood and wood products Valid 04.01.2012 CPA_DD
CPA_DD20 Wood and products of wood and cork … Valid 04.01.2012 CPA_DD20
CPA_DE Pulp, paper and paper products; recorded … Valid 04.01.2012 CPA_DE
CPA_DE21 Pulp, paper and paper products Valid 04.01.2012 CPA_DE21
CPA_DE22 Printed matter and recorded media Valid 04.01.2012 CPA_DE22