Vocabulary: Standard International Trade Classification (SITC Rev. 3, 1988)

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Identifier sitc88
Label Standard International Trade Classification (SITC Rev. 3, 1988)
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Type Common
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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
SITC0 Food and live animals Valid 04.06.2012 SITC0
SITC0_1 Food, drinks and tobacco Valid 04.06.2012 SITC0_1
SITC1 Beverages and tobacco Valid 04.06.2012 SITC1
SITC2 Crude materials, inedible except fuels Valid 04.06.2012 SITC2
SITC2_4 Raw materials Valid 04.06.2012 SITC2_4
SITC3 Mineral fuels, lubricants and related … Valid 04.06.2012 SITC3
SITC33 Petroleum, Petroleum products and … Valid 04.06.2012 SITC33
SITC4 Animal and vegetable oils, fats and … Valid 04.06.2012 SITC4
SITC5 Chemicals and related products, n.e.s. Valid 04.06.2012 SITC5
SITC5-8 Manufactured products Valid 04.06.2012 SITC5-8
SITC6 Manufactured goods classified chiefly by … Valid 04.06.2012 SITC6
SITC6_8 Other manufactured products Valid 04.06.2012 SITC6_8
SITC7 Machinery and transport equipment Valid 04.06.2012 SITC7
SITC8 Miscellaneous manufactured articles Valid 04.06.2012 SITC8
SITC9 Commodities and transactions not … Valid 04.06.2012 SITC9
TOTAL Total - all products Valid 04.06.2012 TOTAL