Vocabulary: Reason for retirement

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Identifier reasret
Label Reason for retirement
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Registration status Released 15 Apr 2015 14:00:42
Type Common
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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
SINCU1 Works regularly for just one client or … Valid 26.07.2013 SINCU1
SINGF0 Works regularly for more than one firm … Valid 26.07.2013 SINGF0
SINGF1 Works regularly for one firm or customer Valid 26.07.2013 SINGF1
STAFT1 Unemployed Valid 26.07.2013 STAFT1
STAFT2 In retirement or early retirement Valid 26.07.2013 STAFT2
STAFT3 Long term sick or disabled Valid 26.07.2013 STAFT3
STAFT4 Any other main reason for retirement or … Valid 26.07.2013 STAFT4
STATOAP Persons receiving only statutory old-age … Valid 15.04.2015 STATOAP
SUFINC To provide sufficient personal/household … Valid 15.04.2015 SUFINC
TCARE1 Childcare services (including paid … Valid 26.07.2013 TCARE1
TCARE2 Partner who is living in the household Valid 26.07.2013 TCARE2
TCARE3 Relatives/neighbours/friends (unpaid) Valid 26.07.2013 TCARE3
TCARE4 No childcare used Valid 26.07.2013 TCARE4
TCRED9 Not applicable (the respondent has no … Valid 26.07.2013 TCRED9
TERCT1 Job or work ceases to exist when product … Valid 26.07.2013 TERCT1
TERCT2 Temporary job under contract for a fixed … Valid 26.07.2013 TERCT2
TERCT3 Job or work continues to exist after … Valid 26.07.2013 TERCT3
TMOFF2 Yes, 'special leave' days remunerated Valid 26.07.2013 TMOFF2
TMOFF3 Yes, 'special leave' days not at all … Valid 26.07.2013 TMOFF3
TMOFF4 Yes, other arrangements always used Valid 26.07.2013 TMOFF4