Vocabulary: Wood products

Folder eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries)
Identifier prod_wd
Label Wood products
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Registration status Released 05 Nov 2018 13:34:38
Type Common
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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
AGG Other agglomerates Valid 29.04.2016 AGG
CHA Wood charcoal Valid 29.04.2016 CHA
CHP Wood chips and particles Valid 29.04.2016 CHP
CHP_RES Wood chips, particles and residues Valid 29.04.2016 CHP_RES
CLT Cross-laminated timber Valid 29.04.2016 CLT
GLT Glue-laminated timber Valid 29.04.2016 GLT
PEL Wood pellets Valid 29.04.2016 PEL
PEL_AGG Wood pellets and other agglomerates Valid 10.04.2013 PEL_AGG
PL Wood pulp Valid 29.04.2016 PL
PLO Other pulp Valid 29.04.2016 PLO
PLO_NW Pulp from fibres other than wood Valid 29.04.2016 PLO_NW
PLO_RC Recovered fibre pulp Valid 29.04.2016 PLO_RC
PL_CH Chemical wood pulp Valid 29.04.2016 PL_CH
PL_CH_DS Chemical and dissolving grades wood pulp Valid 29.04.2016 PL_CH_DS
PL_CH_SA Sulphate wood pulp Valid 26.10.2018 PL_CH_SA
PL_CH_SAB Sulphate bleached wood pulp Valid 29.04.2016 PL_CH_SAB
PL_CH_SANB Sulphate unbleached wood pulp Valid 29.04.2016 PL_CH_SANB
PL_CH_SI Sulphite wood pulp Valid 26.10.2018 PL_CH_SI
PL_CH_SIB Sulphite bleached wood pulp Valid 29.04.2016 PL_CH_SIB
PL_CH_SINB Sulphite unbleached wood pulp Valid 29.04.2016 PL_CH_SINB