Vocabulary: Energy product

Folder eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries)
Identifier prod_nrg
Label Energy product
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Registration status Released 26 Apr 2018 15:35:40
Type Common
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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
ALTER Alternative Energy Valid 21.07.2011 ALTER
BIFUEL Bi-fuel vehicles Valid 03.12.2015 BIFUEL
BIODIESEL Biodiesel Valid 03.12.2015 BIODIESEL
BIOETHAN Bioethanol Valid 03.12.2015 BIOETHAN
CNG Compressed natural gas (CNG)   Valid 03.12.2015 CNG
COIL Crude oil Valid 21.07.2011 COIL
COKE Coke Valid 21.07.2011 COKE
DIESEL Diesel Valid 21.07.2011 DIESEL
DIESEL_X_HYBR Diesel (excluding hybrids)   Valid 03.12.2015 DIESEL_X_HYBR
DLV_GAS_BFUR External deliveries of blast-furnace gas Valid 21.07.2011 DLV_GAS_BFUR
DLV_GAS_CONV External deliveries of converter gas Valid 21.07.2011 DLV_GAS_CONV
ELEC Electrical Energy Valid 21.07.2011 ELEC
ELEC_DIESEL Hybrid diesel-electric Valid 03.12.2015 ELEC_DIESEL
ELEC_DIESEL_HYBR Hybrid electric-diesel and plug-in … Valid 03.12.2015 ELEC_DIESEL_HYBR
ELEC_DIESEL_PI Plug-in hybrid diesel-electric   Valid 03.12.2015 ELEC_DIESEL_PI
ELEC_OTH Electricity or other sources Valid 21.07.2011 ELEC_OTH
ELEC_PETROL Hybrid electric-petrol Valid 03.12.2015 ELEC_PETROL
ELEC_PETROL_HYBR Hybrid electric-petrol and plug-in … Valid 03.12.2015 ELEC_PETROL_HYBR
ELEC_PETROL_PI Plug-in hybrid petrol-electric   Valid 03.12.2015 ELEC_PETROL_PI
EPRD_OUSE Energy products for own use Valid 26.04.2018 EPRD_OUSE