Vocabulary: Physical energy flow accounts indicators

Folder eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries)
Identifier indic_pefa
Label Physical energy flow accounts indicators
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Registration status Released 25 Jul 2019 16:33:58
Type Common

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
DEC Domestic energy consumption Valid 25.07.2019 DEC
DEI Direct energy input Valid 25.07.2019 DEI
DEO Direct energy output Valid 25.07.2019 DEO
DPO Domestic processed output Valid 25.07.2019 DPO
EPRD_DOM Domestic production of energy products Valid 23.10.2018 EPRD_DOM
EPRD_ERES_AS Additions (use) of energy products and … Valid 25.07.2019 EPRD_ERES_AS
EPRD_ERES_DSP Statistical discrepancy between supply … Valid 25.07.2019 EPRD_ERES_DSP
EPRD_ERES_EXP Exports of energy products and residuals Valid 25.07.2019 EPRD_ERES_EXP
EPRD_ERES_IMP Imports of energy products and energy … Valid 25.07.2019 EPRD_ERES_IMP
EPRD_ERES_NETCHG Net changes (use minus supply) of energy … Valid 25.07.2019 EPRD_ERES_NETCHG
EPRD_HHCNS Household consumption of energy products Valid 23.10.2018 EPRD_HHCNS
EPRD_ICNS Intermediate consumption of energy … Valid 23.10.2018 EPRD_ICNS
EPRD_IMP Imports of energy products Valid 25.07.2019 EPRD_IMP
ERES_IMP Imports of energy residuals (waste for … Valid 25.07.2019 ERES_IMP
ERES_SUP Supply of energy residuals from stock Valid 25.07.2019 ERES_SUP
ER_EUSE Emission-relevant use of energy Valid 25.07.2019 ER_EUSE
NAS_CAL Net additions to stock (calculated) Valid 25.07.2019 NAS_CAL
NAS_REP Net additions to stock (reported) Valid 25.07.2019 NAS_REP
NEI_EXT Extraction of natural energy inputs Valid 23.10.2018 NEI_EXT
NETDOM_EUSE Net domestic energy use Valid 23.10.2018 NETDOM_EUSE