Vocabulary: International Classification of Diseases (Medical procedures)

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Identifier icd9cm
Label International Classification of Diseases (Medical procedures)
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Registration status Released 08 May 2019 14:03:58
Type Common
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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
CM00 Procedures and interventions not … Valid 23.09.2013 CM00
CM01-05 Operations on the nervous system Valid 23.09.2013 CM01-05
CM0131_0139 Evacuation of subdural haematoma and … Valid 23.09.2013 CM0131_0139
CM014_015 Extirpation, excision and destruction of … Valid 23.09.2013 CM014_015
CM062-066 Thyroidectomy Valid 23.09.2013 CM062-066
CM06_07 Operations on the endocrine system Valid 23.09.2013 CM06_07
CM08-16 Operations on the eye Valid 23.09.2013 CM08-16
CM131-137 Cataract surgery Valid 23.09.2013 CM131-137
CM131-138 Cataract surgery Valid 23.09.2013 CM131-138
CM18-20 Operations on the ear Valid 23.09.2013 CM18-20
CM2096-2098 Cochlear implantation Valid 23.09.2013 CM2096-2098
CM21-29 Operations on the nose, mouth and … Valid 23.09.2013 CM21-29
CM282-284 Tonsillectomy Valid 23.09.2013 CM282-284
CM30-34 Operations on the respiratory system Valid 23.09.2013 CM30-34
CM323-325 Pulmectomy Valid 23.09.2013 CM323-325
CM33_DIA Diagnostic bronchoscopy with or without … Valid 23.09.2013 CM33_DIA
CM35-39 Operations on the cardiovascular system Valid 23.09.2013 CM35-39
CM36 Operations on vessels of heart Valid 23.09.2013 CM36
CM361 Bypass anastomosis for heart … Valid 23.09.2013 CM361
CM36_TRS Transluminal coronary angioplasty … Valid 23.09.2013 CM36_TRS