Vocabulary: Type of household

Folder eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries)
Identifier hhtyp
Label Type of household
Base URI http://dd.eionet.europa.eu/vocabulary/eurostat/hhtyp/
Registration status Released 17 Apr 2019 18:03:54
Type Common
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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
A1 Single person Valid 29.03.2013 A1
A1F Single female Valid 29.03.2013 A1F
A1F_CH Single mother with children Valid 29.03.2013 A1F_CH
A1M Single male Valid 29.03.2013 A1M
A1_30_64 One adult aged between 30 and 64 years Valid 29.03.2013 A1_30_64
A1_CHLT25 Lone parent with child(ren) aged less … Valid 13.08.2014 A1_CHLT25
A1_DCH Single person with dependent children Valid 29.03.2013 A1_DCH
A1_GE65 One adult 65 years or over Valid 29.03.2013 A1_GE65
A1_LT30 One adult younger than 30 years Valid 29.03.2013 A1_LT30
A1_LT64 One adult younger than 64 years Valid 29.03.2013 A1_LT64
A1_LT65 One adult younger than 65 years Valid 29.03.2013 A1_LT65
A2 Two adults Valid 29.03.2013 A2
A2_1DCH Two adults with one dependent child Valid 29.03.2013 A2_1DCH
A2_2CH_LT14 Two adults with two children younger … Valid 29.03.2013 A2_2CH_LT14
A2_2DCH Two adults with two dependent children Valid 29.03.2013 A2_2DCH
A2_2LT65 Two adults younger than 65 years Valid 29.03.2013 A2_2LT65
A2_DCH Two adults with dependent children Valid 29.03.2013 A2_DCH
A2_GE1_GE65 Two adults, at least one aged 65 years … Valid 29.03.2013 A2_GE1_GE65
A2_GE3DCH Two adults with three or more dependent … Valid 29.03.2013 A2_GE3DCH
ALL_DCH All types with dependent children Valid 29.03.2013 ALL_DCH