Vocabulary: Guarantors in obtaining loan finance

Folder eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries)
Identifier guarantors
Label Guarantors in obtaining loan finance
Base URI http://dd.eionet.europa.eu/vocabulary/eurostat/guarantors/
Registration status Released 09 Sep 2011 13:05:40
Type Common
  • Original source from Eurostat at http://epp.eurostat.ec.europa.eu/NavTree_prod/everybody/BulkDownloadListing?file=dic/en/guarantors.dic

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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
BUS_OTH Another business Valid 09.09.2011 BUS_OTH
DIR Owner(s)/director(s) of the business Valid 09.09.2011 DIR
IND Family, friends or other individuals Valid 09.09.2011 IND
MGS Mutual guarantee schemes such as … Valid 09.09.2011 MGS
MGS_OTH Other guarantee schemes fully or partly … Valid 09.09.2011 MGS_OTH
OTH Other guarantors Valid 09.09.2011 OTH