Vocabulary: Forestry economic accounts

Folder eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries)
Identifier for_acc
Label Forestry economic accounts
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Registration status Released 06 Jan 2020 14:33:54
Type Common
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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
AN1221_CI_PRO Addition to work-in-progress on … Valid 11.12.2015 AN1221_CI_PRO
B1G Gross value added Valid 24.02.2017 B1G
B1G_GVA Gross value added Valid 11.12.2015 B1G_GVA
B1N Net value added Valid 24.02.2017 B1N
B1N_NVA Net value added Valid 11.12.2015 B1N_NVA
B2A3N Net operating surplus and mixed income Valid 24.02.2017 B2A3N
B2A3N_OS Net operating surplus and Mixed income Valid 11.12.2015 B2A3N_OS
B4N Net entrepreneurial income Valid 24.02.2017 B4N
B4N_EI Net entrepreneurial income Valid 11.12.2015 B4N_EI
CE Compensation of employees Valid 16.11.2011 CE
CI Changes in inventories Valid 16.11.2011 CI
CI_OTH Other changes in inventories Valid 11.12.2015 CI_OTH
CI_PRO Changes in inventories of which work in … Valid 16.11.2011 CI_PRO
CT Capital transfers Valid 16.11.2011 CT
CT_INV Investment grants Valid 16.11.2011 CT_INV
CT_OTH Other capital transfers Valid 16.11.2011 CT_OTH
C_BLD Maintenance of buildings Valid 16.11.2011 C_BLD
C_FERT Fertilisers and soil improvers Valid 16.11.2011 C_FERT
C_FISIM Financial intermediation services … Valid 16.11.2011 C_FISIM
C_MAT Maintenance of materials Valid 16.11.2011 C_MAT