Vocabulary: Dairy and other animal products (except meat)

Folder eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries)
Identifier dairyprod
Label Dairy and other animal products (except meat)
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Registration status Released 05 Dec 2019 14:04:02
Type Common
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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
D2110H Drinking milk - Home consumption Valid 16.01.2014 D2110H
D2110V Drinking milk - Direct sales Valid 16.01.2014 D2110V
D2120 Whole milk Valid 16.01.2014 D2120
D2120I Imports of whole milk (including raw … Valid 16.01.2014 D2120I
D2120J Imports (intra-EU) of whole milk … Valid 16.01.2014 D2120J
D2121 Whole milk pasteurised Valid 16.01.2014 D2121
D2122 Whole milk sterilised Valid 16.01.2014 D2122
D2123 Whole milk uperised Valid 16.01.2014 D2123
D2130 Partly skimmed milk Valid 16.01.2014 D2130
D2131 Partly skimmed milk pasteurised Valid 16.01.2014 D2131
D2132 Partly skimmed milk sterilised Valid 16.01.2014 D2132
D2133 Partly skimmed milk uperised Valid 16.01.2014 D2133
D2140 Skimmed milk Valid 16.01.2014 D2140
D2140I Imports of skimmed milk Valid 16.01.2014 D2140I
D2140J Imports (intra-EU) of skimmed milk Valid 16.01.2014 D2140J
D2140RA Skimmed milk - returned to the farm Valid 16.01.2014 D2140RA
D2140_4200A Skimmed milk and buttermilk, total … Valid 16.01.2014 D2140_4200A
D2140_4200AB Skimmed milk and buttermilk from butter … Valid 16.01.2014 D2140_4200AB
D2140_4200BC Skimmed milk and buttermilk: Balance of … Valid 16.01.2014 D2140_4200BC
D2140_4200D Skimmed milk and buttermilk delivered to … Valid 16.01.2014 D2140_4200D